Makeup and wardrobe tips for copper hair color

copper hair color
October 24, 2015

Copper hair color among the different shades of red hair color Copper hair color can be a very eye catching color if it is dyed properly as this tone will make your hair look naturally soft and alive. Copper hair color is actually one of the hair colors in the shades of red hair color, which has the red-orange hue. There are also many tones in this hair color, and…


Useful tips for getting the best mahogany hair color result

mahogany hair color
October 6, 2015

The luscious mahogany hair color – bringing out the elegance in you. A mahogany hair color agree with lots of people and is one of the best hair color ideas. This shade is an abundant, vivid mix of red and also violet tone that has components of both warm as well as cool. Even if you have a cooler complexion and also do not usually fit with red hair shades,…