Honey blonde hair color reviews and recommendations

honey blonde hair

Getting warm with honey blonde hair

Honey blonde hair belongs to the category of warm blondes. Some other shades of blonde hair in the warm blonde category are dark blonde, golden blonde, sun-kissed blonde, caramel blonde, honey blonde or strawberry blonde hair. The other category is cool blonde, which include shades like platinum, violet, pastel, natural, smokey or ash blonde hair color.

Recommendations for honey blonde hair shades dye

Make certain that honey blonde hair color is the best choice to enhance your complexion.
The honey blonde hair dye color should be within the range of your original hair shade to make things easier.
It is important to buy adequate quantity for your hair to prevent lack of dye during the application process.
Do not purchase the hair dye without making comparisons of the current and latest products.
Based on the research study, chemicals in the hair color could create extreme allergies, skin staining, hair drying out and also hair damage. So it is important to know the risk of the product you are buying and make sure it suits your hair texture and condition.

A total package needs to include these items at the very least: the hair color dye itself, gloves for use during application, hair conditioner, guidelines and also on the box it would be helpful if there is a picture illustrating the hair color. Information on the ingredients used for the hair dye is also an important info to have. Some of the best recommended dye for honey blonde hair colors are listed below, in no particular order:

  • Naturtint Permanent Honey Blonde 9N
  • Clairol Nice’n’Easy Hair Colourant 104 Natural Honey Blonde
  • L’Oréal Preference in Light Golden Blonde
  • Revlon ColorSilk for covering grey hairs
  • Naturtint Lt.Golden Chestnut
  • SoftSheen-Carson Dark and Lovely Hair Treatment, Honey Blonde 378

Recommendations for light honey blonde hair shades dye

Light honey blonde is a lighter shade of honey blonde hair. If your hair is lighter or has natural blonde color prior to dyeing, it is easy to get a light honey blonde hair color with no trouble. You just have to opt for an excellent light honey blonde hair color dye and follow the instructions. For those of you who prefer the lighter shade of honey blonde hair, here’s just a few hair dye which you can try out:

Garnier Belle Color Light Honey Blonde.
Based on customer reviews who use this item, they claimed it to be efficient in boosting a glossy as well as vivid hair look. The active ingredients are perfect for human usage though allergic reaction examination ought to be done prior to application.

Naturtint Permanent Hair Colors Honey Blonde
In this product, the components used in the dye are organic thus it is safe and mild for your hair. The item has a pleasurable scent and also is prominent amongst lots of people. There are, however, a few who reviewed that this hair color does not blend well with gray hair and did not cover it completely

Dark and Lovely Permanent Hair color
This is recommended to be used for lightening black or dark hair. If your hair is very porous, this item will instantaneously transforms your hair to honey blonde. But for those hair which is resistant to color, orange might be observed first, but after the following application within one week, your hair could begin to change to honey blonde color most definitely.

L’Oreal Excellence HiColor’s honey blond dye
This is one of the most outstanding hair color for covering light and also grey hair. Once the shade is used, there is no brassiness look. This item might not be the most recommended to lighten your hair shade if you have dark brownish or black hair. You will probably need to bleach your hair first in this case.

Makeup tips for honey blonde hair

For the eyes, begin by utilizing light cream shade shadow across the eyelids. After that use a light green shadow with a little glimmer from the outside of the eye to the inner eyelid. Finally, apply a light hazel brownish shadow beginning with the inner eye and continue outwards. Use an eye liner brush, swab it in water, and after that take a swipe of a dark brownish eye shadow and line the top eyelids.

For the cheeks, utilize a bronzer one color darker than that of your complexion and apply just a little bit of it on the top cheek bone. Apply the same with the temple and also the of the nose.

For the lips, peachy cream, nude pink and floral brown colors are the perfect match for the lip gloss or lip stick.

Matching your wardrobe with honey blonde hair

Red tones are among one of the most ideal choices for emphasizing the lavish as well as the natural gold touches of honey blonde hair. One of the most crucial point is to select the appropriate color of red. Tones like alizarin and also cardinal will certainly be few of the most suggested alternatives. The scarlet red as well as the pomegranate red will certainly freshen the appearances and also light you up. It is recommended to stay clear of tones like purple cherry as well as wine red.

The pure white color, the cream color tone or the champagne tone will certainly produce a stunning consistency with the light tones of hair and also will certainly develop a laconic as well as sophisticated picture. Redheads should not forget including more shades for more contrast. The pure white color is suitable for the fair and also honey blondes, whereas the off-white tones are more suitable for the light blonds.

The timeless black color is a universal color for every person. You can never go wrong wearing black, whatever shades of blonde hair you have. Wearing black protrudes elegance and style.

The tones of brownish, specifically the mustard tones are the ideal match for honey blonde hair as well as lighter tones of fairer blonde hair. You can incorporate both color with each other, like using a brownish clothing as well as accenting the appearance with mustard items, such as headscarfs, a bag, and so on. The the other way around of color mixing is perfect as well. These tones will certainly freshen your appearances as well as emphasize the color of your hair, in spite of being dulled as well as not intense.

If you intend to remain in the centerpiece, then choosing the mix of pink as well as blue tones is just what you can do for emphasizing your natural or brilliant make-up as well as your blonde hair. You could choose tones like crimson, fuchsia, or soft pink. You could choose the denim options if you do not prefer the blue color. Hence combining a pink shirt with denims or a chambray t-shirt with a pink skirt will certainly produce the prettiest appearance.

Grey color is another color which will certainly highlight the sweet and delicate appearances and also present redheads with a wonderful girly feeling. You could select tones like pure grey or light grey as well as include some light pink specifics or fuchsia to produce a contrasting look and also to finish the appearance. Light cream clothing with flower prints in soft shades will certainly complement grey, cracking the dullness as well as enhancing the sweet sensation.

Normally, selecting light or pastel tones is something widely suggested for blonds. Colors like baby blue, light pink, soft green, as well as yellow is the perfect selection. It is crucial to bear in mind that tones like sage green are not suggested for redheads, unlike brilliant Kelly green, pear, mossy as well as grassy greens and also also dark olive.

Jewel tones like emerald green, turquoise blue, cornflower and also purple tones are a few of the most effective garments shades for females with honey blonde hair color to go with. These stylish colors are specifically perfect for grand events.

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