Useful tips for getting the best mahogany hair color result

mahogany hair color

The luscious mahogany hair color – bringing out the elegance in you.

A mahogany hair color agree with lots of people and is one of the best hair color ideas. This shade is an abundant, vivid mix of red and also violet tone that has components of both warm as well as cool. Even if you have a cooler complexion and also do not usually fit with red hair shades, possibilities are that a mahogany brown hair color can still suit you.

Mahogany tones integrate abundant of red tones that are combined with a much less proportion of violet tone. This offers the color a comparable look to mahogany timber, which is a deep, abundant red shade. In comparison of the tone for mahogany hair color vs auburn, auburn hair color will have more red than mahogany but is not as bright red as the pure redheads, and does not contain orange shades as the pure redheads as well. Mahagony tones also differs slightly from the copper hair color.

As mahogany tones consist of violet shade, they could mix well with cool complexion as the violet tone will help to cool down the tone in the mahogany hair color, which otherwise would certainly contrast with your cool skin tone.

Basically, mahogany brown hair is a shade that could fit individuals which would not generally fit the purely red hair color.

How to get the best result for mahogany hair color

The coloring procedure for mahogany brownish hair depends upon whether your hair is currently brownish or blonde. A varied treatment is needed in both situations.

You will require to apply gold or copper to your hair prior to coloring them in mahogany if your hair is blonde. However, the procedure is as straightforward as using the correct hair dye colors if you currently already have brownish hair.

If you have brownish hair but have actually never ever colored it in the past, this indicates that you can not only color your hair mahogany brown, but you could also lighten it to light brown hair color if preferred. However, if you have colored your hair previously, you may not be able to lighten it even more with even more color, but you could still color it a mahogany brown which is the same deepness or darker.

Your choice of mahogany brown color ought to be no lighter compared to your present brown color if you’ve colored your hair prior to this as a lighter color will not always function and will probably only make a slight difference. In this instance, select a color that has the same degree or darker.

Tones that are darker compared to your present shade will certainly not just generate a darker mahogany, but will also produce a much more vivid mahogany brown hair shade with even more rich red and violet shades. For a lighter color in formerly colored hair, it is recommended to firstly pre-lighten them with bleach.

You could accomplish lightening your hair which hasn’t been colored prior to this by picking a lighter tone. You’re required to lighten your hair 2 degrees in order for the shade to take on if your decided on color which is 2 degrees lighter compared to your present shade. To do this, you have to make use of a greater quantity of developer in the shade to ensure the lightening of the color. You can always refer to the basic hair color chart which some product will provide together.

For accurate outcomes, use your mahogany brown hair dye by making use of a tinting dish and then brush to sectioned hair. This will enable both easier and quicker application of the mahogany hair color.

To part your hair out, all you have to do is break it down the center then once again from each ear. This offers you 4 almost equivalent areas of hair that are a lot easier to collaborate with.

When you use the color, begin on top of one part, operating in slim layers. Use the color to both sides of each layer and then keep going downwards till you reach the last layer at the bottom most of that area. Proceed with this method with the various other areas and your work will quickly be done.

After the hair dye is used, it will require some time to establish. The waiting time is usually based on the quantity of lightening which is called for, which means that the lighter you desire the mahogany brownish hair shade to be, the longer you need to wait.

This developing time will differ by brand name, nevertheless, so you need adhere to the advised developing time for the lightening which is called for and also for the product brand which you are using. Some product brand names may additionally enable you to make use of heat throughout the developing time period for a much shorter waiting time.

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Mahogany hair color – who is best suited for it?

The right skin tone

The various shades of red color, with its vibrant and daring tone, needs to be matched with the right skin tone. This includes mahogany hair color and its variant of colors, be it mahogany red hair color, dark mahogany hair color, deep mahogany hair color or dark mahogany brown hair color. The best range of skin color to match mahogany is fair to lighter skin tones, medium and dark skin tones.

Makeup for mahogany hair color

Khaki, peat as well as olive will certainly bring out the unique charm for individuals with mahogany hair color, but you could also use various other shades to your eye makeup. For example, warm eye-shadows like copper, gold, rust, cinnamon, and also nutmeg, which blends in well with the unique attributes of mahogany hair. For a sophisticated outlook, use contrasting colors such as teal, lilac, plum or turquoise. However, you can choose to do away with eye shadow entirely and only use eye-liner to produce soft tones.

Apply mascara generously to create expressive eyes. You could extend short lashes by utilizing mascara with lash extension. Black mascara may contrast too much with very light skin. In such instances, brownish-black mascara is a much better option.

For evening wear makeup, smokey eyes is a must. If the remainder of the makeup is underrated, those smokey eyes will make a statement. Try not to use deep black tones but instead use gold, grey or brown tones.

Since your hair colour is already the shade of red, don’t apply anymore rouge (red) for your cheeks. It can look overwhelming. You can apply blushes with natural colors such as peach, coral red and apricot which will add a tinge of warmth to your cheeks, making you look cute. Don’t use pink blushes though, as they are too common to match with mahogany hair color.

Also for your lips, apply lipsticks or lip gloss with natural colors such as peach, coral, apricot or rose. If your other makeup is too underrated, you can attempt a deep red lipstick.

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