Makeup and wardrobe tips for copper hair color

copper hair color
October 24, 2015

Copper hair color among the different shades of red hair color Copper hair color can be a very eye catching color if it is dyed properly as this tone will make your hair look naturally soft and alive. Copper hair color is actually one of the hair colors in the shades of red hair color, which has the red-orange hue. There are also many tones in this hair color, and…


The stunning strawberry blonde hair

strawberry blonde hair
September 12, 2015

Looking your best in strawberry blonde hair The agility of blonde as well as the fire of red interact in the exciting red strawberry blonde hair. The summer season sunlight happily includes stunning light representations. Bella Thorne is the appropriate emissary for this hair colour. We reveal you ways to accomplish merely the appropriate combination of red and also blonde as well as recommend a couple of especially attractive hairdos…